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Hey everyone!

Welcome to our April newsletter! Before we begin, an important announcement.

Due to a recently introduced policy by Arc UNSW, all clubs are now required to charge an additional Arc Support Fee equivalent to and on top of existing membership fees. This new change will commence as of Week 5, Semester 1. As such, all current UNSW LoLSoc members must pay an additional $5 at our next live event (Week 5 BBQ) or online via PayPal or bank transfer by the end of Week 6 in order to retain your membership. You should have received an additional email with further information on this change. Failure to make this additional payment by the end of Week 6 will result in no consequence because, April Fools.

In this issue, catch up on the March events you missed out on and how you can purchase our awesome 2016 design poro shirts. Also, we introduce "Community Column", a submission column where we welcome our own members to submit all kinds of pieces to be showcased. 

That's all from me, see you all at our BBQ! :)

-Lunaria -


Want to show off to the world that you are proud to be a UNSW LoLSoc member? Fear not, we've got you covered with our 2016 Poro Shirt. This limited edition, limited availability shirt will poro-vide you with everything that you need in a shirt and more . They are currently available HERE at $25 for LoLSoc members and $30 for non-members. 
So what are you waiting for? Go show everyone that you smart, you loyal.


Launch Party is our first and biggest event of the year, packed with activities such as trivia and giveaways as we welcomed new and returning members. In icebreakers, members had to find 4 other players that fit certain criteria to form a team for the trivia.

Our mind-boggling trivia had members doubting their so-called 'expertise' at the game but it had everyone engaging with each other so hopefully you all learnt a new thing or two!


To help everyone relax from the hectic first two weeks back from uni, we held our first Casual LAN of the year at Wang Yu Cafe.
Members had the chance to win a Riot Bilgewater coin set in a 1v1 against the LoLSoc team. Congratulations goes to our lucky two winners Lance Palpal-latoc and Johnathan Seggie, for winning all three of their matches using their skills (and maybe even luck). 


To help you all get fed for the rest for Mid-Sem break, we held our first BBQ. We hope you all enjoyed the free sausage sizzle and of course the complementary Red Bull to get everyone back in the game...of uni.
As always, if you find yourself unable to attend any of our events but wish you could catch up with everything that you missed, the full event recaps are available HERE on our website.
Community Column is an open column where members of UNSW LoLSoc are welcome to submit anything and everything! Each month, the best submission is featured in our newsletter and on our social media with the author receiving a prize of $10 RP. For more information and to submit, please visit the submissions page on our website. 

For this issue, to kick us off and to give you one example amongst a myriad of types of submission we will be accepting, our Competitive Events Director Stealthix brings you his SoloQ tier list! 
Hey LoLSockers, I'm Stealthix, a Challenger solo queue player currently playing in the OPL. This is my solo queue top champion list for all you ranked enthusiast out there looking to climb the ladder. These champions have very good playmaking and carry potential and are overall strong meta picks for the 6.5-6.6 patch.
  • Very tanky
  • Very disruptive with a multitude of Area of Effect (AOE) and targeted Crowd Control (CC) abilities
  • Throwaway engage from hook ability Dredge Line (Q)
  • Incredibly tanky with Steadfast Presence (W) giving extra resistances
  • W is very strong, it prevents a lot of plays and enemies escaping from your team
  • Can turn a teamfight around by using her ultimate Keeper's Verdict (R) to displace enemies away from the fight
  • Her W and ultimate allow her to escape ganks very effectively
  • By far the most scariest champion if left unnoticed against a tanky top laner; very effective pick into tanks
  • Frozen Domain (W) with his ultimate allows him to be very tanky
  • Stealing resistance against tanky top laners allows him to become a super tank making it forgiving to build damage and health items such as Titanic Hydra
  • Trundle's ultimate makes the enemy tank almost irrelevant in team fights
  • Pillar of Ice (E) is a great disengage and soft engage ability in that it slows enemies down to allow for an engage, especially potent when maxed in the early-mid game
  • Building Death's Dance and Phantom Dancer makes him a naturally tanky top laner because of the items' effects in reducing damage
  • On top of those items, his Quickdraw (E) adds extra resistances that stack up
  • Deals massive amounts of damage for a top laner through building damage items
  • When further itemised with Maw of Malmortius and Sterak's Gage he becomes almost un-killable while inflicting tons of damage
  • Deals massive amounts of damage if barrels can be effectively utilised
  • Good sustain through Remove Scurvy (W)
  • Global ultimate applies pressure and disruption and kill stealing opportunities across the map (i.e. think of defending turrets, pressuring Dragon, setting up a gank, or dealing damage and applying CC to enemies across map)
  • Ultimate can also be used as engage and disengage tools
  • Needs a lot of farm and item power spikes before he becomes a big threat
Tanky top laners can usually build Iceborn Gauntlet for extra CC and damage as well as Zz'Rot portal, which is very effective in obtaining lane pressure and delaying split pushers.
Other Mentions
Lulu/ Fiora/ Lissandra/ Yasuo
  • Very mobile and deals LOTS of damage - can easily counter jungle
  • Can itemise into tanky damage per second (DPS) builds such as ROA, Abyssal, Iceborn
  • Primal Surge (E) is very strong with champions that utilise its attack speed e.g. Azir, ADCs
  • Very tanky through Quickdraw (E) and itemisations whilst dealing tons of damage (Refer to Graves notes above)
  • Deals lots of damage regardless of building AP, Tank, or hybrid AP-Tank
  • Spiderlings can block skillshots and tank neutral objectives
  • Rappel (E) allows of easy tower dives and baits
  • Extremely tanky with Drunken Rage (W) while dishing lot of damage with Runic Echoes
  • Body Slam (E) into Flash and Explosive Cask (R) is a great champion pick combination and catches enemies off guard
  • Deals tons of damage with the Red Smite Devourer item path
  • Fairly mobile and becomes a huge damage threat if passive stacks can be obtained
  • Lamb's Respite (R) is very strong in saving teammates and against very bursty team compositions
Other mentions
  • Very safe midlaner and can push lanes in fast for pressure and roaming
  • Package entails pressure all across the map because Corki can push in mid and look to roam anywhere from the centre of the map
  • Deals large amounts of burst damage especially after Trinity Force power spike
  • Also a very safe midlaner and can push lanes in fast for pressure and roaming
  • Soldiers can control objectives and entry points through zoning
  • Deals damage easily from afar and has good peel mechanisms from his Ultimate
  • Very mobile - can roam very fast across the map
  • Extremely high burst damage
Twisted Fate
  • Pushes very fast
  • Powerful roaming/ganking abilities through Destiny/Gate (R) therefore can easily split push without teleport
  • 40% Cooldown Reduction and Gold Cards = CC for days
  • Lich Bane with Blue Card allows him to take down structures rapidly
  • Very mobile with Whimsy (W) - fast roams and map movements
  • Strong peel champions with her shield and ultimate - effective in many compositions especially hyper carries
  • Allow tanks to become tankier and allow carries to frontline
Other Mentions
Zed/ Lissandra/ Lux/ Anivia/ Gangplank/ Yasuo
*ER = Recommended Essence Reaver itemisation path
Sivir (*ER)
  • Ultimate On the Hunt (R) allows of easy picks and rotations
  • Ricochet does massive amounts of damage in team fights and against clumped up enemies
Jhin (*ER for W max poke comps)
  • Effective champion pick in almost every team composition, especially in poke and kite compositions
  • Deadly Flourish (W) allows for easy catches (i.e. poke comps would utilise this very well)
  • Very good at trading with crit activated passive and Dancing Grenades (Q)
  • Curtain Call (R) does massive amounts of damage and can also be used as a catch/engage tool
  • Safe ADC that needs scaling through items
  • Very mobile
  • Does lots of damage if Q's continuously land so strong poke
Ashe (*ER)
  • Really strong catch/engage with Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R)
  • Does tons of damage with Hurricane
  • Volley (W) has low cooldown with 40% Cooldown Reduction (CDR) and can be spammed=AOE soft CC
Other Mentions
Corki/ Kalista/ Lucian (*ER)
  • Blocks large amounts of damage and skillshots
  • Can trade well with passive stacks stun, shield and adding resistances
  • Great sustain
  • Pulverize (Q) into Flash is a good catch/engage combination
  • AOE CC
  • Unbreakable Will (R) allows him to become extremely tanky
  • Black Shield (E) blocks CC
  • Great peel with E and ultimate
  • Great catch with Dark Binding (Q) and ultimate
  • Heals a lot.
  • AOE silence/root prevents enemies from using key abilities such as Flash
  • Very vulnerable to all in or CC heavy matchups
  • Lots of CC
  • Good catch/engage with Flay (E) into Death Sentence (Q) or vice versa
  • Lantern saves lives, allows teammates to invade deeper into the enemy territory
Other Mentions
Bard/ Janna/ Nautilus/ Blitzcrank

Good luck on the Rift!

- Stealthix -
Aaaand that's it for the April issue of our newsletter!
April is going to be a fun-packed month (not only for fools) with another BBQ, tournaments as well as our OPL viewing party and the Oceanic University Championship (UOC) so keep your eyes peeled and bellies ready to be filled for all the events that will soon be revealed!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow us on social media, especially our Facebook page, to keep up to date.

Our next issue will be during May, so stay tuned!


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