[Event Recap] O-Week 2016

March 1, 2016

Under the blazing sun present throughout the entirety of O-Week, crowds gathered at the UNSW LoLSoc stall eager to signup. We saw many familiar faces of loyal members as well as new ones eager to join the LoLSoc family. Whilst the casual LANs allowed for members to relax and enjoy meeting fellow players, the 1v1 saw the showdown between 32 players, confident in their skills and eager to prove that they were the best. Our Scavenger Hunt pushed our members to the limits, testing both knowledge and endurance as they battled around campus to claim victory

From the LoLSoc team we would like to thank everyone who participated in our O-Week events and came to sign-up and say hello (despite the sweltering heat)! It was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces but also exciting to see all the new signups as well. In case you missed any days of O-Week, here's a recap of all our events throughout the week:


MONDAY – Day 1

On Monday we all braced the heat as we saw our busiest day of signups. The crowds brought a thrilling atmosphere to our very first day of O-Week. Whether it was new members signing up for their very first society at uni or loyal members returning for another exciting year, no one was disappointed to be presented with a goodie bag or the shiny membership cards that were debuted. A mixture of emotions was also seen as with each signup, the members had their destiny tested by drawing a card from a Twisted Fate deck. If they were lucky enough to draw the sole gold card from the deck, an official figurine from Riot was theirs to claim. In order to allow everyone to settle in, we held a casual LAN where members were free to come and play a few matches or ask advice from our challenger players Nick "Stealthix" and Alex "Cawn Cob".

Some of our lucky figurine winners!



Tuesday was all about the 1v1 tournament as everyone was hyped to watch the participants battle it out to win a Gigabyte Brix PC. The players tested their skills in a best of one where victory was decided through either first blood, first tower, or first to slay 100 minions. The crowd was kept entertained and on their feet by our caster Ross "Roscosity". Though many tried their luck with assassins and mages, marksmans saw the most victories with their high range and trading potential, with Jhin topping the list with his sublime plays.The final showdown was between Alex “Cawn Cob” and Eddie “monsterisme”, playing Miss Fortune and Teemo respectively. However, in the end Alex “cobbed” the win with first blood and took home the Gigabyte Brix PC. Although Eddie came second, the Rammus keychain was more than “OK”. As the tournament was a success for Alex “Cawn Cob” who claimed that is was “easy peasy” , it was a great success for everyone else too, whether it was watching the nail biting plays or even having the chance to test out your skills.

Smiles from the audience as they watch the matches live!

Smiles from the audience as they watch the matches live!

Congratulations Alex "Cawn Cob" for winning the Gigabyte Brix PC

Congratulations Alex "Cawn Cob" for winning the Gigabyte Brix PC


On Wednesday we held a PC Building Workshop in collaboration with UNSW Computer Enthusiasts Society (PCSoc). It was great to see the event was packed with high attendance from both societies. The event was a chance for everyone to learn a little more about computing tech whether or not you had previous knowledge. Our sponsor Gigabyte was present to explain more about their Xtreme Gaming technology and also generously give out $2000 worth of prizes which was definitely the highlight for many.

A bunch of amazing prizes that were won

A bunch of amazing prizes that were won


On the hottest day of the week with temperatures reaching 40 degrees, we tested the determination of our members with a Scavenger Hunt. Contestants entered in teams or by themselves and were given a map of checkpoints. Awaiting at each checkpoint was a challenge ranging from creative impersonations of a champion to mind bending League trivia. For some teams, the event was too hot to handle and they did not make it to end but a massive congratulations go to our winners Lizzy and Chris who planned out their win with both challenger level strategy and mechanics.

Our winners are as happy as a Poro

Our winners are as happy as a Poro

FRIDAY – Day 5

Congratulations Kaedan!

Congratulations Kaedan!

Friday finally rolled around, but despite it being the last day of O Week, our sign ups remained high. A casual LAN was held once again allowing a lucky handful of people to learn a few tips and tricks to up their game. A few also took the day as the last chance to win a figurine as we finished the week with a victory.Congratulations to Kaedan who was our lucky winner of the Social Media Competition running throughout the whole week! Once again, a big thank you to everyone who came by as the large numbers of members we gained this year shows us your support which is what makes this society possible.

Congratulations to all our prize winners throughout the week!

  • 1v1 Winner : Alex He (Cawn Cob)
  • 1v1 Runner-Up: Eddie Zeng (monsterisme)
  • Scavenger Hunt: Christopher Jean-Richard and Lizzy Qian
  • Social Media Competition Winner: Kaedan Wu

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We hope to see you all at our next event!



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