MAY 12, 2016

As Semester 1 quickly approaches the end, we held our last BBQ to prove for a final time that our cooking skills are up to par.

This time we even had hashbrowns for those who are vegetarian or even to satisfy the potato cravings that we all get every once in a while. #goldenbrown

Thank you to everyone who came by and we hope you enjoyed the food.

Our special merchandise, the PacPoro mugs and Poro T-shirts were also available for sale as well as at any of our future events. 

Although we will not be having any more BBQs for the rest of Semester 1, we still have a few more events planned just before the doomsday weeks of exams. Best of luck to everyone if we don't see you for the rest of the semester! 

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Don't hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions whether it is online or in person as we will be lighting the way to our next event so see you all then!