[Event Recap] Launch Party 2016

March 10, 2016

After an amazing O-Week, we invited you all to our first and biggest event of the year, our Launch Party! We welcomed new and returning members to join us for an exciting night of trivia and giveaways. Firstly, we would like to share a massive thanks to everyone who came and braved the long queue time. We hope you all had a lot of fun during the night as you leagued with other members to form a team during the icebreakers and then worked together using your brains and 'braum' during the trivia.

To start the ball rolling at the beginning, we asked you all to participate in an icebreaker that we had planned. Members had to find 4 other players that fit certain criteria to form a team to carry each other through our tough trivia. We had the unlikely combo of Anivia and Brand mains working together and ranked players finding some time to chill with ARAM fanatics.

But all was at stake for the trivia.

The name of Lucian's wife? Who was Soraka tricked by? A champion that can toggle their walk animation? Our mind-boggling trivia had members looking despairingly at our execs and directors for any hints at all to help them as a few even began to doubt their 'so-called' expertise at the game. People racked their brains for each of the 22 questions, and whilst some teams surrendered at 20, some strong teams made it to the end and we applaud them for their determination. 

 Some confused faces during our trivia

Some confused faces during our trivia

As our directors were busily marking the trivia, we played a game of 'Which Champion Am I?" Similar to celebrity heads, a lucky member was chosen by raffle to attempt to guess which champion they were with help from the audience. There were many eager hands that were raised in the air as members tried to help each other out with some clues being a lot more helpful than others.

During the course of the night, we also held a Doodle Competition where members could submit a piece of artwork to be be judged by Joy, our creative director. We had some talented and interestingly creative entries but unfortunately we could only pick out 5 winners so congratulations to Melinda Yan, Kaedan Wu, Jenny Shi, Rex Ly and Glen Lauw for showcasing their talents!

Once again, our generous sponsors Gigabyte were present to supply us with some awesome raffle prizes including the GTX950 gfx card and the XM300 gaming mouse. The GTX950 Xtreme Gaming card from Gigabyte is the perfect graphics card for MOBA gamers. Optimised for MOBA games, the GTX950 Xtreme Gaming card brings reduced latency for hyper responsiveness. With 1080p full HD gaming at 60fps, you will never miss a moment. In addition, the XM300 is the first gaming mouse from the XTREME GAMING series product line. Powered by the advanced optical engine, the XM300 is a perfect gaming weapon with pinpoint precision. The wired mouse boasts incredible click response with the top-quality micro switches, customisable RGB lighting and a clean, streamlined profile to meet the needs that gamers crave for the most. 

These two prizes were respectively won by the very lucky Taiyue Tao and Simon Yuan. Congratulations to both!

From the LoLSoc team, we hope that everyone who came enjoyed the night and made some new friends especially during the icebreaker and had a chance to talk with the us. However, worry not if you didn’t because there will be many other chances throughout the year in which you can do so. This includes our Casual LAN being held this Sunday at Wang Yu or even our Friendly Fridays which start this week! We won't be forgetting any of you so keep updated with us on our Facebook so that we can see you guys soon!

Congratulations to all our prize winners!

  • Gigabyte Raffle: Taiyue Tan
  • General Raffle: JianYu Wang, Simon Yuan and Zhihui Zhang
  • "Which Champion Am I?": Lizzy Qian & Josh Zhuo and Nathan Seeto & Felix Wang
  • Trivia: "Team NaCl Jerry" (Lewis Yeung, Glen Lauw, Joohyung Bae, Jerry Lu and Jackson Wu)

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As always, we'll be waiting for you all at our next event!