finals Preview

The Sydney Battlegrounds finals is shaping to be an incredible hyped best-of-5 between WSU and our home representatives from UNSW. Both teams are defined by their love to fight, promising an exciting and bloody matchup. The UNSW team, in particular, ended the round robin with a whooping 52 team KDA. For comparison, the next highest was 17.8 by team WSU 1. The team also have a preference for a high-tempo, snowball playstyle, with all their match victories coming under 30 minutes. Notably, two victories came before 20 minutes in the round robin stage.

The team has dropped only one game so far, to a Macquarie University team which was later disqualified for account sharing in the semi-finals.  In a preview of this match-up, we’ll be looking at the starting line-up from UNSW, as well as pointing out what to watch out for in this thrilling series.

Top: David “Ozo1329” Li

Champions played: Vlad, Cho’gath, Jax

Elo: Diamond 1

The star player for this UNSW line-up, watch for “Ozo” to be carrying his team through the finals. Showing an exceptional carry performance on Jax in game 2 of the semi-finals by picking up multiple solo kills against Macquarie in the semi-finals, and dominating performances on Cho’gath and Vladimir throughout the round robin, look to Ozo to smash his lane opponents and exert pressure in the split-push and team fights. He has put up impressive numbers, averaging 30% of team damage in the round robin, and looks to carry this performance into the grand finals


Jungle: Adrian “Morale” Guo

Champions played: Sejuani, Jax, Skarner, Olaf

Elo: Platinum II

The Jungler for UNSW, Morale, has proven an indomitable force in the early game, especially on the likes of Olaf and Sejuani, ganking early for his laners and securing early elemental drakes. Look for him to snowball his lanes in order to close out games early.


Mid: Johnny “XternalRageX” Xiao

Champions played: Galio, Swain, Ahri

Elo: Diamond I

The stalwart in the mid lane, XternalRageX anchors the team as he holds his own in the lane, able to play passively and not give up on any advantages. Whilst not as exciting as watching say Faker or Bjergsen, XternalRageX performs the role his team needs him to, providing a solid base from which the team can play around.


ADC: Nicholas “Stealthix” Tian

Champions played: Kai’sa, Ezreal, Caitlyn

Elo: Diamond V

The janitor of the team, Steathix comes alive in the team-fight stages of the game, picking up kill after kill on his Ezreal and Kai’sa. Putting up staggering KDA numbers such as 12, 14, and 17, Stealthix manages to navigate the team-fights, outputting the damage that help put UNSW into the finals.


Support: Richard “kantos17” Chen

Champions played: Karma, Taric, Janna, Tahm Kench

Elo: Diamond IV

In a meta that has favoured tank supports, kantos17 has bucked the trend with his preference for lane-dominant, mage supports such as Karma, using the lane pressure to help Morale secure early objectives. He has also shown strong performances on the Tahm Kench, giving his teammates and escape option as well as using the extra mobility to close out games quickly through faster rotations.

Watch for the team to play their finals at 12PM 22/04/18 at Given their play-style throughout the tournament, the UNSW boys are guaranteed to give you an entertaining match that will leave you blown away by their speed.


Written by Benjamin “RedPyroMage” Letran [2018 Marketing (Publications) Subcommittee]

Edited by Alex "Aldiko9" Wong [2018 Marketing (Publications) Director]