◈ Deadline: 11:59PM Friday 13 August 2018

◈ Open To: UNSW LoLSoc Members

◈ Cost: FREE for UNSW LoLSoc Members



Are your dreams of playing professionally hindered by your rank?


This semester, UNSW LoLSoc and Riot Games are bringing Rumble to a screen near you. Rumble is a multi-week tournament that runs throughout the semester for players to compete, practice and grow together. Teams will compete on Summoner’s Rift to become the alpha dogs on campus.




Currently we are only opening one division - Platinum and below.






Riot Games will be collaborating with us to create a fair and competitive environment for all our participants, given the nature of this league being capped at the Platinum level. They will be aiding us in tracking account sharing, smurfing or any other illegal activities that violate the Terms of Use. If anyone is caught doing so, it will not only affect their team and the Rumble, but will also result in a ban of the account, as well as main accounts if players are found to be smurfing or account sharing. We strive to maintain the competitive integrity of our Rumble and hope that everyone will enjoy playing in this tournament.


Player Eligibility

This tournament is only open to players who are Platinum and below in the current season and last season.


Team Eligibility

For a team to be eligible to participate they must meet the following requirements:

• Maximum of two Platinum players per team, everyone else must be Gold and below


• Each team may only have a maximum of seven players. If a team has a six/seven-man roster,

substitutes must play at least one game to earn rewards

• Players cannot be on more than one team


Tournament Rulebook

Before registering your team for the tournament, please make sure all team members are familiarised with the tournament format and rules by reading the Tournament Rulebook, available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fLpUdn4KQlsXtrfgD3uwuoNwclg_at_u/view



Tournament Mechanics

Map - Summoner’s Rift

Mode - Tournament Draft (Each team only gets 10 minutes of pause time)

Format - Round Robin

Seeding - Randomised





Players may register as an individual, a partial team or a full team.


Team Registration

Teams MUST be registered in advance to the start of the tournament.


Only one person (usually the team captain) is required to fill out the form: https://goo.gl/forms/ggilIZgMyVqB8jRX2


Finding a Team

If you are having trouble putting together a team of five, we will try our best to put you in a team with other individual players.





The prize pool will consist of prizes supported by Riot Games as well as supplemented with UNSW LoLSoc's own prizes!


Additional prizes may be added depending on interest in the event!





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