◈ Date: Sunday, May 8 & Sunday, May 15, 2016
◈ Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm (estimated)
◈ Where: Online (Preliminaries) & WangYu (Finals)
◈ Open To: UNSW LoLSoc Members

Calling all you with competitive spirits! NOW is your time to shine!



UNSW LoLSoc's Semester 1 tournament is a FREE-TO-ENTER, offline competitive tournament run by our society, open to all UNSW LoLSoc members (including non-UNSW students). 

➜ 2 Divisions: Open and Gold & Below
➜ Teams seeded according to team average ELO.
➜ Day 1 (Sunday May 8): Online Preliminary Matches
➜ Day 2 (Sunday May 15): Offline Finals @ WangYu
➜ Selected matches streamed @ twitch.tv/unswlolsoc
➜ Rulebook: https://goo.gl/noikeE



This tournament is proudly sponsored by Gigabyte and registered officially with Riot. 

We have an incredible pool of prizes, included both Riot-awarded prizes AND Gigabyte peripherals up for grabs!

Each player of each winning team of each division receives prizes as listed below. 

1st Place: 
Gigabyte XM300 Gaming Mouse + Triumphant Ryze + 4200RP

2nd Place: 3000 RP

3rd Place: 1800 RP

4th Place: 1000RP

5th-8th Places: 4IP Boosts



You MUST register your team in advance and become familiar with the rules of the tournament. 

You may choose to register as a TEAM or as an INDIVIDUAL/PARTIAL TEAM.

To register as a TEAM, please complete the following form:http://goo.gl/forms/EotcWxBkAp. Only one person per team is required to complete the form. This person will correspond with the society and receive important updates about the tournaments through their nominated contact details. 

To register as an INDIVIDUAL/PARTIAL TEAM, please complete the following Team Finder form: http://goo.gl/forms/Pr2b1fTvB3. Individuals will be placed into teams by our organising staff.

Please note that teams may consist of players from ANY ELO (which means you can play with any of your friends!). Each team's average ELO will be used to determine which bracket the team is seeded into. Teams seeded into the gold and below bracket may opt to participate in the open bracket instead if desired.

Update: Please note registrations will close 11:59PM on May 3!



This event is proudly sponsored by Arc @ UNSW and Gigabyte.



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