2018 Executives

Executives might sound like a scary word, but in reality we stay up playing League just like you. Don't be afraid to talk and say hi to us at our next event. 


Name: Wendy "I am a shadow" Zhang

Year: 2nd year

Favourite Champion: DefinitelynotShen 

Personal Motto: There is life outside of League of Legends. Says no summoner ever.

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Untitled-1 - Byron Zhou.jpg


Name: Byron "Fogged" Zhou

Year: 4th year

Favourite Champion: Kindred

Personal Motto: Worth.





IMG_2746_2 (2) - Justin.jpg

VICE PRESIDENT (Administration):

Name: Justin "Tiramy" Lau

Year: 4th year

Favourite Champion: Pantheon

Personal Motto: Don't regret, learn.









Secretary/Marketing Director (Publications):

Name: Alex "Aldiko9" Wong

Year: 3rd year

Favourite Champion: Trundle 

Personal Motto: You don't need the late game when you can win in under 30 minutes ;)










Name: Avan "Kirito" Li

Year: 3rd year

Favourite Champion: "Irelia" - Strong Mid Game and Outplay potential with the Q reset.

Personal Motto: "There are limits to what a solo player can do."


24257786_1915580491789556_1526097897_n (1).jpg

Arc Delegate:

Name: Nat "HungryKhalids" Seeto

Year: 4th year

Favourite Champion: Ekko

Personal Motto: I am a shadow (Vayne) signals that enemies are missing

15385251_1223545587684705_7002091925684619885_o - xander flarez.jpg

Events Director:

Name: David "ozo1329" Li

Year: 2nd year

Favourite Champion: Ezreal

Personal Motto: Lag.

23732605_1759922564019137_240768072_o - Daniel Wong.jpg

Events Director:

Name: Daniel "Arvosa" Wong

Year: 4th year

Favourite Champion: Zyra

Personal Motto: They can't say no when they are stunned. KappaPride

IMG_2393 - Serena Zha.JPG

Marketing Director (Media):

Name: Serena "anskun" Zha

Year: 1st year

Favourite Champion: Syndra

Personal Motto: This is a game about teamwork