2018 Executives

Executives might sound like a scary word, but in reality we stay up playing League just like you. Don't be afraid to talk and say hi to us at our next event. 

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Name: Wendy "I am a shadow" Zhang


Year: 2nd year, Commerce (International)

Favourite Champion: Xayah&Rakan, I can count. Very fun to play!

Personal Motto: I will be plat 5 by 20th July. (Still hard-stuck gold 4, send help.)


Favourite League Memory: Watching UNSW Uni-games team win nationals finals with members on Discord!

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Name: Kathy "sexymario258" Xu

Year: 4th Year Information Systems Co-op

Favourite Champion: Lissandra because her theme soundtrack is awesome

Personal Motto: It's all about having fun :):):)


Favourite League Memory: Getting coached to play Vayne because I thought I could improve my mechanics that way.

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VICE PRESIDENT (Administration):

Name: Justin "Tiramy" Lau

Year: 4th year, Commerce/Economics

Favourite Champion: Pantheon. Reason: His versatile kit and opportunistic play-style drew me in to one-tricking this champ. The ability to 100-0 squishy champs from one spell rotation is also fun

Personal Motto: Don't regret, learn.


Favourite League Memory: 360/quick-scope/no-vision Ashe arrow from across the map that struck and killed a <100hp Teemo desperately limping back to his blue-side fountain.

Secretary/Marketing Director (Publications):

Name: Alex "Aldiko9" Wong

Year: 3rd year Commerce/Law

Favourite Champion: Trundle because ... TRAFFIC CONES!!!

Personal Motto: When you are 0/6, just be a minion


Favourite League Memory: I dedicate this to all those times minions became winions.

IMG_20160123_170520 - Yilun Zhou.jpg


Name: Yilun "tigeryl" Zhou

Year: 3rd Year, Commerce/Information Systems

Favourite Champion: Dr Mundo - He goes where he pleases!

Personal Motto: If you need 50 gold to buy an item, just kill the Nexus


Favourite League Memory: My friend and I had around 30 minutes before our tutorial started whereby he decided that it would be wise to begin a game of league. He decided to play top Vladimir even though he wasn’t very proficient at the champion. Hilarity ensued as he kept on dying in lane 1v1 over and over again, whist commenting on how each last death was BS. Somehow, the game managed to drag to 30 minutes and he had to pack up because of the tutorial. I somehow managed to convince my friend to log back on to see the result of the game once we got to the tutorial. Miraculously, the game was still ongoing when he rejoined. We tried to hold back our laughter as the Master Yi on his team typed "come vlad, we need u for this teamfight" whilst I gestured to my friend's kda of 4/18/2. As usual, my friend dove in first and pressed his ult, just to see the dreaded grey screen 1 second later. The smiles on our faces turned to shock as Yi managed to clean up the enemy one by one to win the game!

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Arc Delegate:

Name: Nat "HungryKhalids" Seeto

Year: 4th year

Favourite Champion: They can't have MY BRAND

Personal Motto: I am a shadow (Vayne) signals that enemies are missing


Favourite League Memory: I placed in Bronze I in Season 5 and that's the highest I'll ever get

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Events Director:

Name: David "ozo1329" Li

Year: 2nd year Commerce/Computer Science


Favourite Champion: Jax - listen to the auto resets...

Personal Motto: don't have one


Favourite League Memory: Winning Battlegrounds!

30705952_1484096821701997_9062528415017467904_n1 - UNSW Lolsoc.jpg

Events Director:

Name: Adrian "Morale" Guo

Year: 2nd year Medicinal Chemistry

Favourite Champion: Olaf because he can run people down and bash them.

Personal Motto: Teamwork makes the dream work


Favourite League Memory: Winning Sydney Battlegrounds 2018

30516030_2061539977457694_2481142346509133488_n - Serena Zha.jpg

Marketing Director (Media):

Name: Serena "anskun" Zha

Year: 2nd year, Education/Arts

Favourite Champion: Syndra, cos she's powerful

Personal Motto: This is a game about teamwork


Favourite League Memory: I honestly don't have any.

32325279_1826826457340845_6728202716000026624_n - Christina Lau.jpg

Marketing Director (Media):

Name: Christina "Nominomx3" Lau

Year: 3rd Year, Psychological Science

Favourite Champion: Akali 

Personal Motto: Open mid


Favourite League Memory: When I stole my mate's penta twice but they still shouted me food