Hall of Fame 2016

Welcome to the UNSW LoLSoc Hall of Fame! Here, we celebrate the names and victories of the skilled, the creative, the thoughtful, the helpful and the lucky winners of our events and competitions!

Semester 1 tournament 2016

open division


Braindead Idiots
Alex "Cawn Cob" He, Fredrick "Flobby" Lun, Eddit "Huey Dewey Louie" Jiang, Matthew "PhRoXzOn" Leung-Harrison, Christopher "Chrisjrdb" Jean-Richard-dit-Bressel, xDerek, Edmond "Smithers Im Home" Deng, Brendan "Toasties" Yun, Nicholas "Stealthix" Tian
Gigabyte XM300 Gaming Mice

Runner up:

Crazy Vaclav's
Maxim "Stalin" Sendov, Nathan "BaigoX" Wong, Felix "Goofy" Wang, Kai In "Vsido" Chan, Chan Chun "Falzero" Yi

Lower division


Jax Jox
Alexander "Rhythmic" Davies, Min Sung "SoCo" Kwon, Jeffrey "LifesGud" Shi, Anindya "an india Sood, Chang "waterbadger" Ryu
Gigabyte XM300 Gaming Mice

Runner up:

Team Seulgi
Tim "SydneySkiez" Tsang, Xi "Reverant Being" Chen, Liam "TheLordParamount" Stephenson, Perry "Seulgi Bear" Sim, Joey "C17H35COONa" Jiang, David "senseynomake" Feng, Ryan "RoyalBlu" Tran

Launch Party 2016



Team NaCl Jerry (Lewis Yeung, Glen Lauw, Joohyung Bae, Jerry Lu, Jackson Wu)
League of Legends A3 Posters

"Which Champion Am i?"


Lizzy Qian and Josh Zhuo
Miscellaneous Prizes

Nathan Seeto and Felix Wang

Miscellaneous Prizes

Gigabyte Special Raffle


Taiyue Tan
Gigabyte GTX950 Xtreme Gaming Graphics Card

General Raffle

Winner 1:

JianYu Wang
Steelseries Siberia Gaming Headset

Winner 2:

Simon Yuan
Gigabyte ZM300 Gaming Mouse

Winner 3:

Zhihui Zhang
Teemo Hat


Doodle Comp_1_Winner - Rex.jpg

Best Overall Doodle:

Rex Ly

Super Goodie Bag

"Most Artistic" Winner 1:

Melinda Yan
League of Legends A3 Poster

"Most Artistic" Winner 2:

Jenny Shi
League of Legends A3 Poster

"Most Creative" Winner 1:

Glen Lauw
League of Legends A4 Print Poster*

"Most Creative" Winner 2:

Kaedan Wu
League of Legends A3 Poster


*Note: Glen received an alternative prize as he had already won a League of Legends A3 poster in the trivia. 

Please note that while winners of the Twisted Fate sign-up game, social media competition and giveaways during the PC Building Workshop were not recorded officially, if you would like to be featured below please feel free to contact us. 

O-Week 2016


Winner:  Alex "Cawn Cob" He

Gigabyte Brix Compact PC


Eddie "monsterisme" Zeng
Rammus Keychain


Scavenger Hunt


Christopher Jean-Richard and Lizzy Qian
Poro Shirts



1v1 Tournament

Winner (Upper Division): 

Alex "Cawn Cob" He
Gigabyte GTX950 Xtreme Gaming Graphics Card

Runner-Up (Upper Division):

Bob "bob36" Guo
Mystery Skin

Winner (Lower Division):

Harrison "Backdoor Justice" Schaap
Gigabyte Z97N-Gaming Motherboard

Runner-Up (Lower Division): 

Jimmy "MrJimay" Huang
Mystery Skin



Winner 1:

Harrison "Backdoor Justice" Schaap
Steelseries 7G ProGaming Keyboard 

Winner 2:

Luka "Vatra" Sipic
Teemo Hat 

Winner 3:

Kathy "sexymario258" Xu
Poro Shirt (2015 Design)