Dragon House Cup 2017

Welcome to the UNSW LoLSoc Dragon House Cup! This year, UNSW LoLSoc is implementing a new “house system” to reward members for coming to our events. By signing up to become a member, you will be randomly placed into one of four dragon houses (Infernal, Cloud, Ocean, Mountain), identifiable by the sticker on the back of your membership card. The points earned by an individual will contribute towards the respective house. At regular intervals throughout the year, the house leading in points will receive some awesome rewards and benefits. At the end of the year, the house with the most points will win the Dragon House Cup 2017, and every member of the winning house will receive a special reward, a raffle ticket to win the grand prize and of course, eternal glory!


How to Earn Points (Semester 2)

Attend One Online Event - 1 Point

Attend One Offline Event - 2 Points

Attend One Offline Event in UNSW LoLSoc T-Shirt or Hoodie - 3 Points

New Purchase of UNSW LoLSoc Merchandise - 5 Points

Join Us On OrgSync - 2 Points

Participate In a Tournament - 2 Points

Win a Tournament - 3 Points


Last Updated: 8/10/2017 (S2 W10 BBQ#3)

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Sticker [GROUND].png