Community Submissions

Community Submissions is where we show off creative talents in our society and share some laughs! Every month, we hold an online competition where we invite members to submit responses according to that month's prompt. The best submissions from each month will be featured in the Community Submissions section of the following month's newsletter with the top submission receiving an awesome prize!

For this month's Community Submission Competition and to access the submission form, please view below!


This Month's Prompt

What is your favourite moment in the history of League of Legends and why?

Major Prize

UNSW LoLSoc Poro Shirt or $10 RP*

*$10 RP prize available only for members who already own a poro shirt.


11:59PM (AEST) 26/09/16


  • You must be a current UNSW LoLSoc member to contribute submissions.

  • Submissions are not limited to word-only submissions. Other ideas include artwork, screenshots, music, memes, fan-fiction etc.! Be creative!

  • Each submission may only contain up to a single image or single video, provided in the form of a URL.

  • Your submission must have been created by you. Please do not submit copyrighted material. 

  • Your submission must not be NSFW and may not include inappropriate themes or language. While we encourage fun and jokes amongst friends, we would also like to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment in our society that is free of discrimination and bullying. Please note that the final decision on this guideline will always be at the discretion of the executive team. tldr; please use your common sense when judging the nature of your submission!

  • The winner will be judged by our Publications Director pigeoninwater and three other random members of the executive/director team each month.

August Competition Submission Form

Full Name *
Full Name
This is the number that appears on your UNSW LoLSoc membership card. If you are a paid member but have not yet collected your membership card, please use 000000.
For word-only entries, please type or paste your text into the box provided below. For entries including images, please upload your image (screenshot) to an appropriate image hosting service such as Google Drive, Dropbox or TinyPIc and provide the URL to the image. Alternatively, you may also provide the URL to screenshots of via Puush. For entries including videos, please upload your video to an appropriate video hosting service and provide the URL to the video.