Issue 8
 Semester 2 Week 2, 2017

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Newsletter - Semester 2, Week 2
Hi again everyone!

The Semester is well and truly underway, with assessment schedules bringing more grief than Irelia supports and TF adcs (hello exec-who-shall-not-be-named, I'm looking at you). 

But that's alright. Because if we can carry griefers in-game, then we can carry ourselves through uni. Just like the UNSW Uni Games team, who have made it to the Eastern Semi-Finals! 

Speaking of finals (*high-five for clean segue*), your finals are a good 13 weeks away, so there's no excuse for you not to join us this FRIDAY night for our first Online Gaming Session of the semester! 

Or for you not to register a team for our first ever Rumble, endorsed by Riot themselves if you're Gold and below. 

And speaking of below (*high-five for clean segue #2*), that's where you should keep reading for this week's quality content. Until next time.

- David "ozo1329" Li (Marketing Director - Publications) -
Get ready for discounted LoLSoc merch!
Our poro mugs, t-shirts and hoodies are dying for new homes!

Look out for discounted prices and bundle deals coming out next week. Make sure to scramble up some spare change this week in preparation!
Cloud is off to an early lead!
Cloud is back to defend their Dragon House Cup, but the tally is tight this time around! If you're in one of the other houses, make sure to keep on participating in events and tournaments throughout the semester to ramp up the score for your house!

At the end of the year, the winning house will once again be giving away a bunch of awesome prizes, including a RARE Teemo statue! We'll also be rewarding members who make significant contributions to their houses, so don't give up even if you're not in the winning house!

For information on how you can earn points, click here >>
We have a new Discord Channel!

Due to administrative issues with our previous channel, we now have a spanking new Discord Channel up and running!

Our Discord channel is used to host Online Gaming Sessions (e.g. Friendly Fridays), tournaments, informal viewing sessions, casual games and scrims! It's also a great way to meet other members.

So if you haven't moved over yet, make sure to make the move today!

TL Dardoch – Chance at Redemption?

In a surprising twist of events, Team Liquid (TL) announced that they have signed former TL jungler, Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett, back onto their 2017 NALCS Summer Split roster after his split from CLG in an attempt to revive their failing fortunes. Whilst this signing signified TL management’s desperate attempts to turn around the team’s mediocre split performance, question marks still remain surrounding Dardoch’s inability to work within a team environment which was fully exposed in CLG’s damning account of Dardoch’s attitude as the primary reason for CLG’s decision to terminate his contract.

Dardoch has been a polarising figure of the NALCS scene ever since he burst onto the scene as a mechanically gifted player for Team Liquid. Whilst his smooth mechanics has delighted and impressed fans and critics alike, his infamous toxicity and inability to work in a team environment has overshadowed much of his achievements. Most famously known for his rivalry with then teammate Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin, AD Carry for Team Liquid, the tension and in-team rivalry had escalated up to a point where Dardoch was eventually traded for Reignover from Immortals at the start of the 2017 season.

Yet, it has now come to a full circle, with Dardoch returning to TL to provide competition for Reignover for the starting role of jungler in the struggling team. It will be interesting and fascinating to see whether TL’s gamble would pay off or backfire dramatically as TL continue to find the correct formula for success in their largely disappointing season thus far. Will there be more reports of Dardoch toxicity or an actual attempt at redemption for TL to get back to competing for the NALCS title? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for the next edition.

- Alex "Aldiko9" Wong (Subcommittee) -
Upcoming Events
Online Gaming Session #1

Date: Friday, August 4th
Time: 8PM - 10PM

Location: Online (Discord + League)

Our first Online Gaming Session kicks off this FRIDAY and we have not one, but TWO $10 RP Cards to give away!
Semester 1 Rumble

Registrations Open: NOW
Registrations Close: End of Week 3

Ever wanted to be part of a competition like the LCS?

Well this semester UNSW LoLSoc, along with Riot Games is bringing Rumble to UNSW. Rumble (not the champion) is a multi-week tournament experience that runs throughout the semester for players to compete, practice and grow together.

Teams will face off on Summoner’s Rift in an attempt to be crowned best on campus.

For more information, check out Riot's Rumble info page here>>
Uni Games Continues This Saturday!
Our UNSW team made it through the round robin group stages with a score of 6-4, and will be entering semi-finals this week as third seed. 

Keep an eye out for updates and information on how we can cheer them on!
Executive and Subcommittee Profiles
As we do have many more members involved in the society this year, this new section serves to help members know the executives and subcoms a little better. Each week will feature a different member!
  • Real name: Avan Li 
  • Role in UNSW LoLSoc: Events Director 
  • IGN: Kirito 
  • Days/Times Available to Play w/Members: If you don’t care about winning or losing and just want to troll around, hmu on Friday nights + Saturday nights. 
  • Hobbies: Fencing, Cello, and trolling people especially our club president. 
  • Favourite Champion: Irelia. 
  • League of Legends Tip: Always Keep a Positive Mental Attitude 
Last Week's Event Recaps
EGM + Board Games Night
Thank you to everyone who came to our EGM and Board Games Night last Friday. From intriguing Code Names strategies to hilarious games of Sushi Go, there were happy faces all around (and stuffed with FREE pizza).

Congratulations also to Justin Lau who was elected the new Treasurer of the society.

We hope you all met new friends and enjoyed the night!
Stay tuned for further events, esports news and unigames updates! 

- David "ozo1329" Li (Marketing Director of Publications) -
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