Issue 2: April Week8 2017
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Welcome Back From Mid-Semester Break!

Hello there!

Is the mid-semester break already over? Fear not fellow summoner, the fun will resume as our society has plenty of exciting events lined up for the next couple of weeks, that will be sure to make you some new friends and win you some cool prizes.

A sneak peek into this week's events:

Wednesday 26 April - Gaming Night 8-10pm 5v5 SR and ARAM (Online)
Thursday 27 April - Trivia Night 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM at Colombo LG01 and LG02
Saturday 29 April - Gaming Night 8-10pm 5v5 Assassin Mode (Online)


We warmly welcome and congratulate the members that made it into the society's subcommittee. Contrary to lesser societies such as BSOC, our subcommittee is significantly more flexible in their roles, and are willing to help you with any inquires, or fill in parties of four for a wonderful flex adventure.

Touching on a couple of changes, we have decided that having a weekly newsletter that incorporates all necessary event details is more structurally desirable. Thus, from now on, newsletters will be published at the beginning of every week. Additionally, the website will be updated in the near future, especially executive and subcommittee profiles, for greater transparency within the society.

- David "ozo1329" Li (Marketing - Publications) -
1. Upcoming Events
2. Executive and Subcommittee
3. Last Week's Recap
Upcoming Events
8PM - 10PM
Online Gaming Session (ARAM/SR)
Fortune Doesn't Favour Fools ~ !

We'll be hosting an SR/ARAM 5v5 Online Gaming Session 2017 THIS WEDNESDAY (April 26)!

Location: Online (Discord links will be provided near the event date)
Time: 8-10pm

Roll the dice of fortune and let its twisted fate dictate your champion. In this frozen domain, you are paralysed, you are no longer the summoner that picks your champion - instead they pick you.

Rise up to the occasion and bond with teammates and enemies that share your same fate, as the meta is nothing but lost relic, obscured by the sheer theory crafting and innovation that destiny has brought.

No RSVP needed, just randomly (lul) show up and pray to RNG gods :D.
9:00AM - 7:00PM
Trivia Night - Colombo LG01 and LG02
Trivia Night is This Thursday!

We'll be hosting an exicitng Trivia Night 2017 THIS THURSDAY (April 27)!

Location: Colombo LG01 and LG02
Time:  6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Are you tired of shoehorning your awesome, encyclopedia-level video game knowledge into every conversation? Wish you could use this power for good? Sounds like you're in desperate need of a Trivia Night!

Challenge yourself with questions across the board from the likes of BlizzSoc, SmashSoc, DotaSoc, LoLSoc, MinecraftSoc, CSSoc, GameDevSoc, and PCSoc in the ULTIMATE UNSW Gaming Trivia Night!

Quench your thirst and sate your hunger with free snacks and drinks with FREE PIZZA. Meet fellow gamers and work your way to the top to grab the mysterious prize.

RSVP NOW at: https://www.facebook.com/events/225574091255161/ 
If you haven't registered as a 2017 member yet, make sure you do so now at "http://www.unswlolsoc.com/signup/" to join in on all the fun! SEE YOU THERE! :) 

RSVP now on Facebook so we know you're coming! >> 
8PM - 10PM
Online Gaming Session (Assassin Mode)
Live and Die by the Blade!

We'll be hosting an Assassin 5v5 Online Gaming Session 2017 THIS SATURDAY (April 29)!

Location: Online (Discord links will be provided near the event date)
Time: 8-10pm

Tired of playing against Nautilus and Poppy, or the endless number of Lulus that ruin your day as an assassin champion? Well look no further, in this special assassin 5v5 in-house, the rift will only be sprawling with thin-bladed cutthroats and enigmatic mages that will ensure ephemeral skirmishes and teamfights.

No RSVP needed, just show up with your pocket pick and continuously flash that mastery icon.
Executive and Subcommittee Profiles
Week 8 - ozo1329

As we do have many more members involved in the society this year, this new section serves to help members know the executives and subcoms a little better. Each week will feature a different member!
  1. Real Name: David Li
  2. Role: Marketing (Publications)
  3. IGN: ozo1329
  4. Days/Times Available to Play w/Members: some nights, pm for freelo :D
  5. Hobbies: League of Legends (lol), Piano, Poppin' off
  6. Favourite Champion + League of Legends Tip:
    • Lee sin
    • Kick flash has no counter play.
Last Week's Recap
Thanks for coming last week!

Thank you to everyone that participated in last week's events, namely the casual LAN and LCK finals viewing party, as well as the friendly Friday online gaming session. We hope that it was a great and fun bonding experience for everyone!
Alright, so we hope that you guys are keen beans after reading this hectic newsletter. Really though, these events are a great way to bond with others and just have a good time to relieve some stress. 

See you on the fields of justice this week, summoners.

- David "ozo1329" Li (Marketing - Publications) -
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