Issue 9
 Semester 2 Week 3, 2017

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Newsletter - Semester 2, Week 3
Keen to form your very own team and experience the exhilaration and suspense of competitive play? Or would you rather that very experience stem from a single shiny sphere, accelerating towards ten perfectly innocent pins?

Both options are open this week, as our resourceful Executive and Sub-committee team is introducing the "Rumble", a Gold and under tournament that emphasises on the power of friendship and teamwork to trump your opponents. Moreover, the Bowling Night on Wednesday (9th) is a great way to show off different kinds of mechanics that you possess. 

We're also bringing back some of our limited merchandise for sale. Remember to buy some items before you leave your base!

"Let's get ready to Rumble!" 

- David "ozo1329" Li (Marketing Director - Publications) -
NOW ON SALE: Exclusive Poro Merch!
Our poro mugs, t-shirts and hoodies are dying for new homes, so we're giving them a hand with a MASSIVE SALE!

Hoodies and t-shirts are now significantly discounted, with mugs still at their incredibly value price! We've also created a special bundle so you can get your hands on all three at once with EVEN GREATER SAVINGS!

Sale prices are as follows (for current members):

Poro Hoodie (M/L) - $20 

Poro T-Shirt (S/M/L) - $15
Poro Mug - $10
Special Poro Bundle (Hoodie + T-Shirt + Mug) - $40

This sale WON'T last forever, and popular sizes are running out fast so make sure you order your poros NOW before they're gone!
Round of Applause for Our Uni Games Team!
Congratulations to our Uni Games team for their great stretch making it to the playoffs with highest team KDA.

Unfortunately, we fell to WSU on Sunday and thus our run is over, but please give a huge pat on the back to the players who with their outstanding mechanics and teamwork made it this far!

Top: Jeffrey Li (heh)/Josh Hwang (Kyli)
Jungle: David Li (ozo1329)/Tony Tang (Mysterise)
Mid: Johnny Xiao (XternalRageX)
AD: Ryan Xi (Rybong)
Sup: Felix Wang (Flexible)
The points are at their tightest ever!
After Week 2's Online Gaming Session, Cloud is still in the lead but only by a tiny margin of TWO POINTS!

For the first time ever, could we see one of the other houses at the top? Bowling Night and Rumble might just tip the scale for your house, so keep up the good fight!

At the end of the year, the winning house will once again be giving away a bunch of awesome prizes, including a RARE Teemo statue! We'll also be rewarding members who make significant contributions to their houses, so don't give up even if you're not in the winning house!

For information on how you can earn points, click here >>
We have a new Discord Channel!

Due to administrative issues with our previous channel, we now have a spanking new Discord Channel up and running!

Our Discord channel is used to host Online Gaming Sessions (e.g. Friendly Fridays), tournaments, informal viewing sessions, casual games and scrims! It's also a great way to meet other members.

So if you haven't moved over yet, make sure to make the move today!
EULCS - What is wrong?

It had been an extremely tough month for EULCS where nothing seemed to be going their way. From the loss of bragging rights (NA > EU) in their disappointing defeat to NA at Rift Rivals to the recent flood of vents and disappointment of the unexciting format of EULCS, it seemed though this once proud region is caught in a quagmire unable to find its way out. One might ask, why is this the case?

The primary answer – money. In one for the more shocking decisions of the year, EULCS has decided not to adopt the franchising system as announced by Riot Games for the upcoming 2018 season as compared to the North American counterpart. Franchising has often be argued by its proponents as the next step forward in the growth and expansion of the League of Legends esports scene. As franchising eliminates the risk of relegation of the current format, it offers security for sponsors to provide the necessary funding for teams without the fear of incurring losses when a team struggles and gets relegated. As a result, there is considerably less investment interest in EU teams whilst NA teams had secured significant backing from sponsors such as Disney, Philadelphia 76ers etc.

Moreover, EULCS had suffered more the lack of the same level of infrastructure and advertising compared to NALCS for the past couple of seasons. With its controversial structure of separating the competing teams into two groups and lacklustre promotion campaigns compared its counterpart in NA, it has been difficult for EULCS fans to connect with their teams as the seemingly lack of player-fan interaction has limited the level of fan participation. Consequently, EULCS has been increasingly overshadowed as a region despite its better performances at the international level at Worlds and MSI compared to NA before the inaugural Rift Rivals tournament this season.

Whilst EULCS certainly do not lack talent with highly entertaining teams such as G2, Fnatic, UoL etc., there is certainly a need for a fresh ideas to rescue this historical region from sinking into the depths of mediocrity. Only time will tell if this struggling giant can make its comeback and offer competition against its more successful brother in NA.

Stay tuned for the next edition.

- Alex "Aldiko9" Wong (Subcommittee) -
Upcoming Events
UNSW LoLSoc Goes Bowling!

Date: Wednesday, August 9th
Time: 6PM - 9PM

Location: Strike Bowling King St Wharf

Come and bowl away all your worries this Wednesday evening! Show off your bowling mechanics, catch up with your LoLSoc friends and even have a chance to win $25RP!
Semester 2 Rumble

Registrations Open: NOW
Registrations Close: End of Week 3

Ever wanted to be part of a competition like the LCS?

Well this semester UNSW LoLSoc, along with Riot Games, is bringing Rumble to UNSW. Rumble (not the champion) is a multi-week tournament experience that runs throughout the semester for players to compete, practice and grow together.

Teams will face off on Summoner’s Rift in an attempt to be crowned best on campus.

For more information, check out Riot's Rumble info page here>>
Executive and Subcommittee Profiles
WEEK 3: Johnny "xternalragex" Xiao
As we do have many more members involved in the society this year, this new section serves to help members know the executives and subcoms a little better. Each week will feature a different member!
  • Real name: Johnny Xiao (2nd guy from left)
  • Role in UNSW LoLSoc: Competitive Events Director 
  • IGN: xternalragex
  • Days/Times Available to Play w/Members: Anytime if grill
  • Hobbies: League
  • Favourite Champion: Karma
  • League of Legends Tip: Mantra E is better than Mantra Q
Last Week's Event Recaps
Online Gaming Session #1

Thank you to everyone who joined us online for our Online Gaming Session last Friday! With over 25 in attendance, everyone had a blast on the Rift!

Congratulations to Jacky "SkyMyths" Dong for winning $25 in the lucky raffle.

You can keep up the good fun even when official session aren't on by keeping active on our Discord and joining other members for casual games!
It really is quite unfortunate that our representing team for unigames this year did not make it through the Eastern finals. However, this is all motivation to step up our mechanics, communication and thus teamplay to push for a chance at nationals next year. 

Thank you for attending our events last week, keep it up to earn your house some points!

Stay tuned for further events and Esports news updates!

- David "ozo1329" Li (Marketing Director of Publications) -
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